• The Eva Scrivo Academy offers advanced education for hairdressers with varying levels of experience and expertise. Our goal is to raise the bar for this industry by empowering hair colorists and stylists from across the country and beyond with the skill and business acumen to consistently create the quality of work in which they can take pride, while building a thriving business and a commensurate career. Please scroll through the following slides to see our class schedule or go directly to the Academy page to learn more and read about our Balayage Network.


    Price: $595

    Class Date: March 20th, 2017

    Location: Eva Scrivo Salon, 139 Fifth Ave, 2nd FL, New York, NY 10010



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From the Blog

11 April

How to Prevent Hair Breakage from Shape.com

Here are some great tips from Eva in Shape.com on how to protect your hair from breakage: http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/beauty-style/how-prevent-hair-breakage-during-and-after-your-workouts

17 February

Beautiful Makeover by Carissa and Antonia!

This client’s came to us with hair that very damaged and looked thin and unhealthy. Being that she is young, in her early twenties, our goal was to not only make the hair appear more full & textured but to also give her versatility in the haircut, so she can wear it differently depending the […]

13 February

Eva Scrivo in Brides.com

Eva’s advice about winter hair for brides is in the article, Winter Beauty Woes and How To Fix Them, on brides.com!