Great businesses are built on strong partnerships between like-minded organizations with complementary products and services. We take pride in such partner relationships which enable us to offer the best of beauty to our customers while empowering our team. 

Tribeca MedSpa

In December 2019, we announced our partnership with Tribeca MedSpa at our 139 Fifth Avenue location! Founded in 2006 on the premise of providing a higher level of care to a discerning cliente, TMS has since become one of the top medspas in NY. This exciting collaboration between two like-minded experts in their respective fields, has enabled us to truly offer the best of salon and spa services, taking our client experience to a whole new level.

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Nearly all of us experience hair thinning to some degree as we age—women and men. Even if not easily apparent, chances are your hair is significantly thinner in your forties and fifties than it was in your twenties. Harklinikken’s patented, affordable, and personalized treatment, with no side-effects or problematic ingredients, restores hair growth in women and men who have experienced hair loss due to natural causes.

In 2018, Eva Scrivo Salon formed a first of its kind partnership with Harklinikken to offer its revolutionary hair restoration treatment at our 139 Fifth Avenue location, putting several of our top hair & skin experts through a rigorous training program with HK founder and chief scientist, Lars Skjoth. We are honored to be only salon in the U.S. certified to perform individualized client scalp and hair assessments necessary to initiate treatment. 

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