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“Beauty is within the grasp of every woman.”

— Eva Scrivo

We are artisans of beauty. At Eva Scrivo, we design life-changing beauty experiences that elevate, empower and inspire the individuals we touch.

We paint hair.

Eva Scrivo began her illustrious and groundbreaking career as an artist. She takes inspiration for every individual cut from the craft of an expert tailor. Hair falls from the head like fabric from the body, and precision cutting is akin to creating a custom suit that lays beautifully and enhances the silhouette. Tailoring is the essence of design, and the lines, curves, depth are envisioned as a blueprint.

Eva Scrivo’s signature Painted Haircut is the culmination of Eva’s artistry and eye for the dimensions of beauty. Her proprietary cut is highlighted and lowlighted for depth and dimension, to strengthen and soften, correct and perfect facial features – a design approach to styling that is equal parts innovation and inspiration.

As the beauty authority with more than 30 years of expertise, we see beauty holistically, every client as a beautifully unique individual. We aspire to a single ideal: to imagine all cients as the best version of themselves. And then, to manifest that. In this manner, what we create is a beauty prescription – highly customizable, supremely personal, uniquely designed.

We are obsessive about our craft and passionate about our clients, while celebrating the art and culture of hairdressing.

Eva Scrivo. We are Extraordinary Beauty.


"One could say that beauty is in my DNA. My mother was a professional model and my father, an interior designer by trade, was also a frustrated fashion designer and a trained hairdresser (his father was a barber). By the age of nine, I was studying drawing, painting, and sewing, and attending theater school. While my background in the dramatic arts has certainly come in handy for running a salon and managing creative personalities, learning to paint helped hone my eye as a hair colorist and makeup artist, and sewing taught me how to cut a straight line... By the time I entered cosmetology school at age seventeen, I had already been doing hair nearly half my life... After several years of working in fashion and television in inspiring cities like Toronto, London and Milan, I moved to New York's East Village, where I soon opened the first Eva Scrivo Salon. I have since had the good fortune to perform a craft that I love while being creative and making people happy on a daily basis..." 

-Eva Scrivo, "Eva Scrivo on Beauty," Atria Books

Eva Scrivo on Beauty

"Eva Scrivo on Beauty is the ultimate user friendly beauty bible that is filled with very helpful makeup application tips. Plus the book is filled with lots of useful information on hair tools and salon etiquette that everyday women can really delve into. A must have for all women!"

-Vanity Fair

"Scrivo's book is packed with information on hair, skin care and makeup techniques. Along with promoting a healthy lifestyle, the author educates and instills a spark in women searching for their own sense of style. Readers will come away with much useful material and will be infected by her overarching message: You alone hold the key to how beautiful you feel. One-stop shopping for advice on improving your outward appearance."

-Kirkus Review


-Digital Book World

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