Did you know that the average annual income of a hairdresser in the U.S. is about $30,000, or that most have never had proper cut & color training? It's no surprise that half of cosmetology graduates are no longer doing hair within five years of getting their license. And yet a select few earn well into the six figures and have successful careers with work-life balance and personal fulfillment. The proven path to lasting success is to build your career at a salon committed to helping you excel at your craft, and which has the brand recognition and reputation for excellence to consistently place clients in your chair. This is how we have built dozens of successful stylists and colorists, which we continue to do year after year.

Whether you just finished cosmetology school and are looking for the right place to begin your professional journey, or an experienced industry pro tired of the same old salon experience and ready to take your career and income to the next level, look no further. We are always interested in meeting with talented, professional, and motivated individuals, who aspire to become the best yet have the humility and work ethic to understand that when you stop learning, you stop growing. By joining our company, you put yourself on a path to a career and income that less than 1% of this industry enjoy. You will also benefit from exposure to celebrities and other high-profile clients, and the opportunity to work in television, editorial, music, and fashion via our talent agency, Eva Scrivo Artists.

In addition to our education, great team of people, and beautiful and conveniently located NYC salon, we offer a strong compensation model that includes company health insurance contributions and a matching 401K retirement savings program. 

To apply for a position with our company, please contact us with a copy of your resume along with any other relevant information.