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Our Arctic Blondes class this past Monday was a great success! The focus of this class was to create one of the most frequently requested blond tones – the platinum blond – without gold/brassy undertones. The day began with a delicious breakfast, a presentation on how to achieve the perfect arctic blond, followed by a demonstration of the technique on a live model. Eva also demonstrated her signature technique of using both balayage and foils to create a beautiful sun-kissed effect all while maintaining natural root depth. Check out some photos below, including our model’s gorgeous transformation!

Congratulations to the 7 new colorists that were inducted into our Balayage Network! This network is a way for clients around the world to find colorists who have successfully completed at least 3 balayage classes in the Eva Scrivo Academy. These colorists received personalized instruction from Eva and exhibited a dedication to their craft and level of skill that makes us proud to recommend them! For more information about the academy and our network, click here: Eva Scrivo Advanced Academy.





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