Floor Manager

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Eastern Michigan University, Sarah passed on lucrative job offers from investment banks and technology companies, to follow, what she discovered to be her true calling, becoming a professional Yo-Yoer. After years of training with renown Yo-Yo instructors, punctuated by periods of heavy drinking, she earned the title of a Yo-Yo Master, or as she became affectionately known to her adoring fans, Yo-Yo-Ma. This lead to a rewarding career of traveling the world with her Yo-Yo, performing in front of screaming crowds of first-graders. Sarah was destined for Yo-Yo greatness when fate dealt her a cruel blow. She developed a blister on her Yo-Yo finger and was never the same again. Eventually, she could no longer even look at a Yo-Yo, as the notion of what could have been had become too painful to bear. She vowed to never pick up a Yo-Yo again and resigned to a life of obscurity, becoming the Floor Manager at Eva Scrivo Salon.