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We are excited to have partnered with Mirakel Technologies, the inventors of a revolutionary hair straightening technology, that permanently reconstructs the bonds of the hair to change its curl pattern – without chemicals or heat! This is truly revolutionary and provides controllable straightening, meaning that the hair doesn’t have to go from curly to straight, but to any level in between, depending on the client’s preference. 

We are currently working with the Mirakel prototype machine to thoroughly test and understand the nuances of this technology. This will eventually become a regular in-salon service but for now we’re working on volunteers for free! Below are before/after photos of a couple of the models we’ve worked on so far. The after photos show hair just as it appears air dried, with no heat styling at all.

For the fist one we decided to go completely straight, whereas for the second we will do this in stages to demonstrate controlled straightening. As you can see, the first step was just to loosen the curls and give them some shape (evident from how the hair started to fall and curl definition started to come out). She will come back in shortly for us to do the second stage of the straightening and we will post those photos as well. 

So if you have curly, non-highlighted hair and would like to have this done, please contact us at!