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Photo courtesy of Jen Painter

Eyeliner is meant to be an extension of your own eyelashes, making them appear fuller and thicker near the base. This is why I always prefer to use a shade that matches my mascara. You can never go wrong with a dark brown or black eye pencil or liquid liner!

For the daytime, apply the liner by following your natural lash line. It’s essential to use a sharp eye pencil so you can work the point in-between the roots of your lashes. If the pencil is too blunt, it will create a thicker line that does not look as natural. However, by starting with a pencil that is less pointy (yet still sharp) you can create a more dramatic look.

It’s fun to experiment with bright colored eye pencils such as silver, gold, violet, deep blue and green. They work beautifully as an added pop of color for a night out, or a special event. Try applying your colored eye liner first, then add a thin line of brown or black liner (whichever matches your lashes) on top of that to create a more subtle look. For a bold look, do the opposite. Apply the more natural color first, and then your bright color on top.


T. LeClerc Eye Pencil

T. LeClerc Liquid Eyeliner