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Dark under-eyes are one of the most persistent beauty woes a woman faces (unless you’re one of the handful of lucky ladies who have yet to see a dark circle pop up). But hey, if you can’t beat them, conceal them!


First, prep the under-eye area with a soothing eye cream for 5-10 minutes, like Yon-ka’s Phyto-Contour. This delicate cream contains rosemary extracts which help boost circulation and de-puff the skin under the eye.

Then, apply a thin layer of a yellow, peach or apricot color corrector concealer under the eye (this is where basic color theory comes in handy). The orangey hue neutralizes the blue tones underneath the eye because they are opposites on the color wheel. This method also works for someone who suffers from redness or rosacea. By adding a drop of green color corrector to your foundation you are canceling out the red tones.

DarkCirclesColorWheel copy


Lastly, apply a drop of concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin tone under the eye to reflect light and brighten the area. Then finish with a light dusting of translucent powder.