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Although this step is often overlooked, it’s important to use toner to maintain beautiful skin. Using a toner with a cotton pad removes makeup residue, tones the pores so your skin does not overly absorb moisturizer (particularly important for those prone to breakouts), and is hydrating to the skin because it’s mostly made up of water.

The unique advantage to the toner which I recommend below, is that it contains essential oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme) – one of the few elements that can actually penetrate into the bloodstream. In addition to using this toner with a cotton pad for cleansing, I love to simply spray it on my skin throughout the day (it’s fine enough to mist over makeup). The natural oils help to actually push the water into your pores, hydrating the skin topically. I keep a bottle at my salon station to use throughout the day on myself and my clients, who are amazed at how it makes their skin look. Not to mention how refreshing it feels. The men’s version of this product is especially great for those guys who prefer not to use moisturizer.


Lotion Yon-Ka PS for the ladies & Lotion YK for men.