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When hairdressers talk about “weight” and “bulk” we are (thankfully) referring to your hair texture and density – two elements that have an enormous effect on the shape and movement of the hair. Weight, or density within the hair, feels like heaviness and is not the same thing as length. It can be concentrated in one specific area of the hair or throughout the entire head. It is the combination of the right length and even distribution of weight that creates a proportionate haircut.

Weight can work to your advantage by weighing down frizz or flyways, for example. Or it can be something you want to remove if it makes the hair look too bulky and detracts from the shape of the haircut. If your hair tends to flatten at the top, removing excess weight around the bottom by softly layering the last three to four inches can reduce the heaviness and lift the shape. Many women want to be able to air-dry their hair this time of year, so it’s important to remember that the haircut which works in the winter doesn’t always work in the summer.

For volume at the top of the head (if your hair goes flat in humidity), I love this alcohol-free styling mousse by Leonor Greyl, Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice, while Eclat Naturel is excellent for controlling frizz.