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Styling trends have transitioned from stick-straight, super polished looks to more effortless & natural textures and finishes. For example, a woman with naturally curly or wavy hair may want her curls to look more like loose waves, or for her waves to look smoother, without completely losing her natural texture.

The following technique is perfect for achieving a bouncier, more voluptuous blowout (think Sophia Loren’s sexy hair). It provides a more polished look for curly hair, while taking advantage of its natural lift and wave. This is also a great way to touch up a blowout, giving it fullness and bounce on day two or three. What makes this curly blowout so special is that it works with the natural wave pattern, so you only have to style the sections that need a little more smoothness and skip the ones that don’t (like the bottom section).

1. Allow the hair to air-dry as much as possible (ideally until it is 80-90% dry) to maximize the natural body and root lift.
2. When almost dry (just slightly damp), use a round brush and blow-dryer to smooth pieces around the face, the top layer of the hair and at the ends.
3. Wrap the remaining sections, one by one, around a medium-sized round brush from the ends to the mid-shaft; heat them with the dryer for five to seven seconds; allow to cool; change the brush position to vertical and untwist it in a spiral pattern. This way, you are not straightening the wave completely, just smoothing sections and removing some of the frizz to create big bouncy curls.

You can watch the step-by-step video on creating this look, in the enhanced e-book version of Eva Scrivo on Beauty.


Natural bristle medium round brush for creating this look.