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With the upcoming New Year celebrations, I wanted to share how to pull off a classic red lip. Red is bold, glamorous and sexy. It always makes a statement and is easier to apply and wear than you might think, as long as you know the professional technique. First, it is important to consider the big picture when adding drama and color to the face. For example, doing a dark, smoky eye and a red lip may be too much. A red lip paired with a natural eye and crisp black liner is sophisticated and powerful on its own. By the same token, you should also wear a little less bronzer and blush with red lipstick. (A warm apricot or peach will be more understated and will compliment red lips better than a pink blush.) Getting the balance right is key; you have to keep the drama and color in proportion.

For those who are just not into red, here’s how you can make nude lipstick wearable. A pale, flesh-toned lipstick can easily look pasty and flat. A great tip is to top a nude lip color with a sheer pink gloss. The transparency of the gloss enlivens a beige shade without altering it too much. Keep in mind that if you wear a nude lip, you will have to compensate with color elsewhere in order not to look washed out – perhaps with stronger eye makeup and a little more blush or bronzer.

You can find beautiful reds and other shades of lipstick and lip gloss on our web site – the same ones our makeup artists use at our salons and on set!

Photo Above: Hair & Makeup provided by Eva Scrivo Salons.