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Many have trouble finding sun protection products that are effective and don’t clog their pores and make them break out. But properly removing these products is just as important as finding the right formulation. So it’s a good idea to amp up your cleansing regimen this time of year.

My personal recipe is to combine a traditional sunscreen with a drop of sunblock on top of it (a sunscreen’s effectiveness can be measured in SPF while a sunblock completely blocks out the sun’s rays). This way you can protect from UVA – the aging rays – and UVB which burn your skin.

If you normally use a cream or liquid cleanser, try adding a second step with a foam or gel cleanser. I’ve always recommended using creamy cleansers to remove cosmetics and ones that have some lather to them to thoroughly cleanse your pores. You will also notice a big difference when adding a sea sponge or washcloth into the mix. Not only will this help to prevent breakouts but your skin will look better than ever. Remember, the first step to young skin is clean skin.

Did you know that sesame oil has natural sun protection in it? Not only is it ultra-moisturizing for your body, but as all oils are easily absorbed into the skin, it also has numerous properties with health benefits.



My all-time favorites are Ultra-Protection by Yon-Ka for sunscreen and Total Eclipse BB Cream by Sunshine Botanicals for sunblock.

Remove makeup using Yon-Ka’s Nettoyant Crème and cleanse with the Gel Nettoyant.