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Many of us miss our retinol products in the summer due to the fact that they sensitize the skin, making it more prone to hyperpigmentation from sun exposure. A great alternative to feel the tightening and smoothing effects of exfoliation is to instead opt for an alpha-hydroxy product in the summer months. Derived from fruit acids, alpha-hydroxy helps to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal, and is best for reducing the appearance of fine lines (as opposed to beta-hydroxy, which is best for acne). Natural fruit enzymes, such as those found in pumpkin and papaya, also make effective peels and are loaded with anti-oxidants – great for preventing acne from regular use of sun-block that can congest the pores. Not only do you look younger and more refreshed by removing the dead skin layer, it also enables nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to penetrate more effectively and allows for a more beautiful makeup application.


My favorite alpha-hydroxy product, that is also the most gentle, is the Alpha Complex by Yon-Ka. I also love their newly formulated sun-blocks which gave me the best protection for my skin during my last beach vacation!

We also offer a wonderful 10 minute pumpkin peel that contains natural enzymes and powerful antioxidants which can be applied right at the shampoo bowl or as an add on during a facial in our spa.