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Summer makeup can be as simple as great lashes, a touch of bronzer and lipstick. But similar to cooking, whenever you only have a few ingredients to work with, each one has to be high quality. If you pay the same level of attention to these three steps, they may be all the makeup you need for the summer months.

1. Warm your eyelash curler with hot water from the tap, dry it off, and press your lashes. The heat from the water helps curl them (Never heat a metal curler with your blow-dryer).
2. Apply one coat of thickening mascara. Start at the base of your top lashes and wiggle very gently to the left and right, back and forth. That wiggle distributes a little bit more product to the base of your lashes which helps lift them. Then move the brush up and outward toward the mirror. Apply whatever is left on the wand to the bottom lashes in the same manner, so the coating is lighter.
3. While the thickening mascara is still wet, apply one more coat of it and repeat the wiggle-and-lift technique.


T. LeClerc Mascara and Bronzer (“Soleil” color pressed powder).

Lip Glosses by Armour

Photo Above: Makeup by Amanda for Eva Scrivo Salons.