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If you want professional results, you need to use professional implements such as high-quality brushes, combs and hot tools. Even well-made bobby pins make a big difference when putting your hair up. The investment in superior equipment and products gives the return of better-looking hair, as well as saved time and frustration.

You are probably accustomed to seeing professionals use a natural bristle round brush at your salon. This is because the densely packed bristles firmly grip each section of the hair, producing tension to easily pull the wave or curl out of it. Combined with the slight turning action of the wrist and the heat of the dryer, it also gives amazing shine to the hair. Additionally, a round brush can create more volume and lift at the crown, depending on the way you manipulate it. Round brushes come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes:

1. Small is typically used on short hair and is good for straightening the hair at the nape or the finer hair around the face. The small size is especially good for blowing out very curly or kinky hair, even if it is longer in length, because you can get better tension. (The more tension, the easier it is to mold the hair.)

2. The medium size works for mid-length hair and on the shorter layers of longer hair (such as bangs and the sides of the face).

3. A large or jumbo round brush is best for long hair and can also be used to polish and touch up a blowout on the second day.

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