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When a woman tells me, “My makeup doesn’t last, it totally absorbs into my skin,” I know that she is not using enough moisturizer. Her cream or liquid makeup is indeed absorbing into her dry skin, essentially acting as a moisturizer. This results in foundation that fades away quickly or looks blotchy. Right before I apply makeup to someone’s face, I always mist a hydrating toner over her skin, followed by a little bit of extra moisturizer and eye cream, and only then do I start to put on foundation.

Makeup should never be applied onto dry, thirsty skin. You have to moisturize first, and the real secret is not allowing the moisturizer to dry or completely absorb into the skin. Apply foundation about one minute after moisturizing while your skin is still moist so the makeup has plenty of slip. This ensures the most even, sheer makeup application and a radiant, glowing complexion!

Elastine Jour moisturizer by Yon-Ka.

For chronically parched skin, when moisturizer alone is not enough, add one drop of the Yon-Ka Serum to the moisturizer before applying.