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Natural Hair by Eva Scrivo Salons

This time of year so many of us feel dehydrated and no matter how much water we drink, our skin still feels dry. In a rush to get ready in the morning, many do not apply enough (if any) moisturizer after the shower on the face or the body. Remember that the skin should feel wet right after using a serum and moisturizer. If your skin absorbs all your moisturizer within a few minutes, reapply a second coat. You should slather on a generous amount from head to toe, especially during the dry winter months.

Additionally, a few drops of body oil lend a beautiful sheen and can enhance shape and muscle tone (this is why body builders put oil on their skin before competitions). In a similar fashion, I like to add a few drops of a natural oil (like jojoba, coconut or avocado) to my regular body lotion to keep my skin soft and hydrated. If you’re feeling especially dry, apply a thin veil of oil on the body before getting in the shower. The oil protects the skin from being dehydrated by the hot water, while the steam helps it penetrate further into the skin.


Yonka Lait Corps (body milk)

Yonka Huile Corps (body oil)

Yonka Nutri-Protect Mains (for the hands)