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Did you know that a man’s skin is 30% thicker than a woman’s? Although men say they don’t like to use more than one or two products, we often find that they steal ours (and enjoy them). With a growing number of men frequenting our salons for haircuts, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about men’s grooming; from non-irritating shaving techniques, to preventing ingrown hairs and discovering a daily skin care routine.

For example, using a brush (instead of your hands) to apply shaving cream, helps to lift the hairs off the skin to facilitate a cleaner, smoother shave. Choosing a rich shaving cream, as opposed to your typical aerosol formulas (which also tend to be heavy in alcohol) helps to further soften the beard while simultaneously hydrating the skin to provide a smoother shaving experience, especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Last, but not least, an after shave balm should have anti-inflammatory ingredients to help calm the skin from irritation and decrease visible redness.

One of the best product lines for men is Baxter of California. Since we started carrying it in our salons, our male clients have given it rave reviews as it has changed their experience around shaving and improved their overall complexion. My husband loves the Daily Face Wash, which is easy to use since it comes in a pump (and can live in the shower). He has also started to apply shaving cream with a brush which he claims is a totally different experience.

Products (all by Baxter):

Daily Face Wash

Super Close Shave Formula

Silver Tip Badger Brush

After Shave Balm

Travel Kit


Photo Above: Eva’s grandfather cutting hair in his barbershop, circa 1952.