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Walking out of the salon with gorgeous hair is a major confidence boost! So it’s only natural to want to extend the life of your blowout for as many days as possible. There are two steadfast rules to keep your blowout looking fresh; Always use a small amount of product in your hair and stay away from moisture in all forms.

When doing a blowout at home, prep your hair with a foundation mist, like Spray Fluidissime by Kerastase. This product is a light weight anti-frizz spray which offers heat protection, control, and shine, perfect for the hot and humid summer weather. For thicker, more unruly hair, try the Keratine Thermique smoothing milk. Apply a small amount to damp hair from mid-shaft to ends, making sure to avoid the root area (which will help keep the bounce an extra day), then blow dry using a round brush or a boar bristle brush.

On day two or three, you may find that your roots have gotten a bit oily and that the baby hairs around your face and neck have begun to curl. This is especially true after a workout or a hot shower. For a quick fix, dampen the sections around your hairline with water (not more product) and then blow them out, making sure to keep each section taught as you dry it, to regain volume and body. I also like to use a little bit of dry shampoo, like the VIP Volume In Powder, for more lift and body. Spray a small amount of product at the root, then flip your hair over and distribute evenly using your fingers or a boar bristle brush. Not only does this fluff your hair, it also helps to smooth out and polish the cuticle, similar to how a brush polishes suede.

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