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As seasons change, not only does our color palette, but also the texture of the makeup we use. Spring is the time of year when I start recommending lighter color saturation in lipsticks for my clients. There are many lip products to choose from: gloss, tinted balms, satin lipsticks, stains, matte formulas. As always, the choice is a matter of personal preference and good taste. Most women have tried a myriad of different lip colors and know the shades and textures to which they usually gravitate.

One of my favorites for daytime is a transparent lipstick. It’s texture is between a lip gloss and a lipstick; very sheer but hydrating. With a lip pencil application underneath, I have found this product to have longevity and give a more polished and sophisticated look than just a lip gloss. Matte lipsticks are even longer lasting. Most importantly however, always remember that almost anything, when applied properly is going to look great!

T. LeClerc Transparent Lipstick and Lip Pencil. T. LeClerc makes my favorite lip pencils that stay on beautifully and don’t create a harsh line.