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For applying makeup, many talk about natural light as being ideal, but it is actually more important to have an equal balance of light – and it does not necessarily have to be sunlight. In fact, if you do your makeup near a window during the day, one side of your face could be more illuminated than the other.

To get even, eye-level light, install wall sconces in your bathroom on each side of the mirror. They are much more flattering and true than overhead lighting, which can cast shadows on the face to make you look older and more tired. Also, install a dimmer switch in your bathroom so you can lower the lighting when preparing to go out for the evening to create an environment that is closer to the one in which your makeup will be seen.

Another benefit is how a simple adjustment of lighting can make you feel. We use the bathroom numerous times throughout the day and night, and it is the one room in which we always look in the mirror. Why not feel good every time you glance at yourself? These simple lighting modifications can change your perception and attitude about how you look.


One of my favorite makeup products that I use on all photo and television shoots is T. LeClerc’s Loose Powder. Its ultra-fine formulation allows light to pass through the product, never looking cakey or chalky. With zinc oxide as one of its ingredients, this powder is also a natural 30 SPF sunblock.