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The scalp is an extension of our skin, with oil glands, sweat glands, pores and hair follicles. Dead skin cells need to be sloughed off so they do not clog those pores (which can contribute to hair loss). Additionally, brushing actually cleanses the hair in much the same way as brushing suede lifts dirt particles from fabric.

Product companies and consumers have veered from these simple basics, becoming conditioned to reach for a hair care or styling product as an immediate fix. Meanwhile, a more natural, effective and economical solution has been around all along. The act of brushing became viewed as obsolete as products became more advanced. But when women did not have the luxury of all these wonderful conditioning products, they simply brushed their hair daily.

For some visual inspiration, included below is a recent makeover I did for a new fall look – cut, color & makeup!


Mason Pearson is still the best brush on the market. I recommend the mixed bristle (nylon & boar) in Popular or Junior size. The pocket Mason is great for men or women with short hair, and kids.