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The trend this fall is fuller, thicker & darker brows, but they still must be well groomed. Whether to wax or tweeze is a frequently asked question when it comes to eyebrows. I prefer to create the shape using a slanted-tip tweezer because it allows for greater precision and a more individualized shape. When it comes to brows, one hair can really make a difference. Waxing is best for removing the fine, superfluous hairs under or on top of the brows. Many women ignore the blonde, peach fuzz that tends to form on the brow bone, thinking that it does not matter since it’s so fine. But these hairs absorb light and dull the skin. When they are removed, the smooth skin actually makes the eyes look more youthful.

Even for a fuller, more natural brow, this little bit of grooming can make a surprising difference – and it’s faster to wax all those baby fine hairs. However, when it comes to actually customizing a shape for the brows, waxing alone will not do the job. The result frequently ends up looking like a stencil, as opposed to the softer, more natural look that you get from tweezing the hairs individually.

You can watch my eyebrow shaping videos in the enhanced e-book version of Eva Scrivo on Beauty, to see how I do this on myself.


I love the eyebrow pencils by T. LeClerc for their consistency and the applicator brush to comb through the brows to help blend the product.

If you’re having trouble getting your brows to look as full as you would like, try RevitaBrow, winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty. Many of my clients swear by it as it helped to stimulate dormant growth within their eyebrows that they thought was gone forever!