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One of the most frequently asked questions during a makeup lesson is how to do a classic eye shadow application. Here’s a two-step process that’s relatively foolproof.

Step One: Create the canvas
When applying color to your eyelids, start with a clean canvas. This will give you a smooth surface to work on and neutralize any redness or darkness on the lid that may otherwise interfere with the eye shadow color. I use the tiniest bit of foundation, which can be added there while applying it on the rest of your face. Use just the remnants left on your fingertips (or sponge) to swipe over your lids. Set it with the slightest trace of powder, lightly pressing the powder puff onto the lids. This technique will also help to prevent the eye shadow from creasing.

Step Two: Perfect the canvas
Select an eye shadow that is similar in tone and color to your skin (or slightly lighter) and dust it over the entire lid – from the lashes to the crease of the eyelid. If you have green or yellow undertones in your skin, pale pink or peach looks beautiful. Someone with red undertones can stay with a more neutral beige shade, while rich chocolate is flattering for darker skin. The goal is to brighten the lid without adding too much color. A dusting of one color may be all that you need for a clean, classic look.

Mono Powder Eye Shadow and Eye Shadow Quartets, both by T. Le Clerc. Also, the Large Eye Base Brush for application.