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In last week’s tip I talked about layering skin care for a morning skincare routine. This week I will go over my recommended evening routine, which is also covered in my book.

*You can click on the link for each step for the respective product recommendation. We will include free product samples with any purchase from these selections. Anyone who purchases one product from each of the five categories will receive a complimentary travel size of each!

1. Remove makeup with a cream-based cleanser
2. Cleanse with a foaming cleanser
3. Calm skin with an alcohol-free toner
4. Nourish with a serum
5. Moisturize with a lotion or cream, including eye cream

Massaging the skin while applying serums and creams is a great way to help the skin to absorb the product while stimulating the facial muscles. Just think of how great your skin looks and feels after a facial. There are also step-by-step instructions for a wonderful lymphatic drainage massage in the skin care chapter of my book that reduces puffiness and that you can do on yourself!