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My clients often tell me that they struggle with skin redness this time of year. Whether it’s from windburn, Rosacea, or just plain sensitivity to the cold, dehydration is something that affects everyone, regardless of your skin type. The skin is your first line of defense against the elements and can take a real beating during the cold winter months. Changing up your normal skincare routine for even a couple of months can be very helpful.

One of my favorite products to combat dryness is a moisturizing mask that can be used daily on parched skin. It contains aloe vera and other humectants to help soothe and hydrate. Surprisingly light, it can even be used on women who are prone to breakouts. It can be left on for up to an hour, then rinsed off. You can also peel it off by rubbing your finger tips over the skin, which exfoliates and helps remove dead skin cells. For women who have chronic redness, Creme 11 by Yon-ka, is a calming moisturizer that’s most effective when used as a night cream.

Yon-Ka Gommage 305 for daily use on dry skin.
Yon-Ka Creme 11 for chronic redness.