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Springtime is when women start thinking about making a change to their hairstyle, and one of the most common questions is whether or not to cut layers. Many still believe that one-length hair is easier to style, but that misconception usually comes from an improper or overly layered haircut. It comes down to choosing the correct type of layering for your hair along with the right amount of layers. A one-length hairstyle is a specific look that some women like, which is great if that is your personal preference. However, this look does not give the same framework, fullness, height, and movement that comes with some gentle layering. Even the most geometric shapes, like a bob, look more modern with some movement to them. You can still maintain that one-length feel with gently cut round layers that will also give you some extra height at the top of the head.

Chapter 1 of my book is dedicated to the art of the haircut, with an overview of different layering patterns, along with accompanying diagrams and photos. It’s a guide that you can bring to your hairstylist for reference, to discuss which option is best for you.


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