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A do-it-yourself facial may not incorporate professional-strength peels or the therapeutic benefits of massage, but it can still be a relaxing way to treat yourself and take better care of your skin. First, make sure that you remove your makeup completely. Otherwise you will be massaging your cosmetics directly into the skin. I recommend using Dermal Detox by Sunshine Botanicals. It will also help those with adult acne by effectively removing makeup in this initial step.

Next, use your favorite cleanser together with the Clarisonic Mia. The recommended time is already built into the machine as it turns off automatically when the process has finished. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, splashing your skin 10 to 20 times. You are essentially giving yourself a mini hydrotherapy treatment which invigorates the face and improves the color and clarity of the skin. This simple act of splashing cool water onto your face dates back centuries and has been an integral part of the European spa tradition, which is based on the curative benefits of water.

Now that your skin is thoroughly cleansed, the benefits of a deep pore cleansing clay mask or a hydrating mask are even more pronounced. Finish with your favorite serum, followed by a moisturizer for a healthy glow!


Dermal Detox by Sunshine Botanicals

Clarisonic Mia 1 (available in white or lavender). Also makes a great gift for men as it helps to prevent razor burn and get a closer shave by removing the dead skin cells that can clog follicles.

Clarisonic Mia Brush Heads

For an in depth, step-by-step tutorial on how to do your own at-home facial, please refer to the Skin Care chapter of my book, “Eva Scrivo onBeauty: The Tools, Techniques & Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs To Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self.”

If you’re new to our spa and would like a professional skin analysis, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our premier aesthetician, Ally, who we are proud to say was just selected as “Best Of New York” in NY Magazine!