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When away on a beach vacation (or during summer months), I like to lightly dust bronzer all over as the final step in my makeup application. Even more often, I use it to create a contour effect under the cheekbones. This is the most amazing way to accentuate your cheekbones, or even to discover them for the first time! Slightly grin to make your cheekbones stand out and use an angled blush brush to sweep a small amount of matte (not shimmery) bronzer underneath them, in a C-shape. I use this technique on almost everyone to define the cheekbones or make a round face appear more angular. The same method can be used around the hairline to make a prominent forehead look smaller, or at the jawline to make it look more defined. A darker color makes areas recede, just as a lighter shade (concealer, for instance) makes a feature stand out.


I love the powder bronzer by T. Leclerc (select “Soleil” under colors). Apply it with a blush brush for beautiful contouring.