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Many women are in a never ending quest for smooth, sleek hair, which can be especially challenging this time of year. The secret to effective styling is that there is no secret! You just have to learn the proper techniques, practice, and take your time. This is a skill-set that everyone can hone. There is a methodology to styling, whether blow-drying the hair or pulling it into a chic ponytail.

One common mistake of blow drying is keeping the dryer motionless. Professionals never hold the dryer completely still over a section of hair, but move it very slightly back and forth with the wrist to prevent concentrating too much heat on one spot. To a stylist this is so second nature that we do it almost subconsciously. Conversely, most women do the opposite and end up frying their hair with the dryer.

Use high quality brushes that don’t cause hair breakage and with the right tension allow you to better control each section of the hair, while producing long-lasting shine. These are our favorite round brushes that all stylists use at our salons – effective and reasonably priced. Jumbo size is best for long hair and the extra large for medium length.