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Bangs are big for this fall. They are a versatile, simple, and transformative way to customize most cuts. There is a world of different bangs out there. There are blunt, straight-across bangs; textured, softer bangs; as well as side-swept and grown out “rocker” bangs – what the British refer to as a “fringe.”

Not only do bangs help to conceal fine lines and cover a short or a high forehead, but they are youthful and fun. Bangs can make a woman look younger because they soften her face and provide a line in the haircut that can play up the eyes, lift the cheekbones, and produce a multitude of other subtle visual effects. For instance, if you want to put the focus on your eyes, then cutting bangs just above the brows will place the emphasis right there. A longer bang that hits below the brows will bring attention to your lips. Meanwhile, an asymmetrical fringe can help to minimize a broad nose or slim a round face by basically drawing a diagonal line across it, thus breaking up the width.

Bangs can be the perfect answer when a woman is seeking a change in her look but does not want to cut off the length of her hair. What she actually wants is more shape around her face, and a fringe creates that frame. This is why bangs are so frequently requested, are such a common impulse decision, and why the question of whether or not to cut bangs is worth discussing with your hairdresser.


Use Satin Design by Shu Uemura in wet hair to smooth your bangs. It’s very lightweight and will not weigh down your hair if used sparingly. Makes the hair feel smooth and groomed.

To achieve the perfect shape, I love using the pocket size Mason Pearson.