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As we transition into spring, this is the time of year when many clients get excited about making a change to their haircut. You may have noticed in recent publications that bangs and layered looks are very popular this season. Cutting shorter pieces around the face, whether it’s bangs or a shorter face frame, is a non-committal way to feel like you’ve made a big change without cutting off the overall length of your hair.

Not only do bangs help to conceal fine lines and cover a short or a high forehead, but they are youthful and fun. Bangs can make a woman look younger because they soften her face and provide a line in the haircut that can play up the eyes, lift the cheekbones, and produce a multitude of other subtle visual effects. For instance, if you want to put the focus on your eyes, then cutting bangs just above the brows will place the emphasis right there. A longer bang that hits below the brows will bring attention to your lips. Meanwhile, an asymmetrical fringe can help to minimize a broad nose or slim a round face by essentially drawing a diagonal line across it, thus breaking up the width.

Having trouble blowing out your bangs? Skip styling products all together and invest in a Mason Pearson brush (Junior or Pocket size) instead. It will be life-changing!