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A good self-tanner not only gives the skin a golden, healthy glow, but produces subtle shading that camouflages imperfections like spider veins and cellulite (it can even make you look a little slimmer!).

There are five basic steps to applying self-tanner at home:

1. Exfoliate

2. Moisturize

3. Apply Sunblock

4. Apply Self-tanner

5. Add a drop of body oil to the legs and arms for a healthy glow

To get a uniform, streak-free color, prep your skin first by shaving, exfoliating (very gently), and moisturizing with a light body lotion or SPF. The slippage from the moisturizer makes the tanner glide on more smoothly, helping to prevent streaks and allowing for even coverage. Make sure to avoid the rough, drier areas (like the tops of your knees, heels, feet and elbows) until the end, then skim over them with the remaining product that’s left on your hands.

On my last trip to the Caribbean, I used Yon-Ka’s new sunblock formulation (which contains 3 types of teas) and layered it with my favorite BB Cream for a radiant glow that lasted all evening, even after salsa dancing with my husband!


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