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I believe that with the right haircut, color and combination of hair products everyone can embrace their natural hair texture. The photograph below features a makeover we did in my salon which was featured in Weight Watcher’s Magazine. Noemi was struggling with her curly hair, felt that it was unmanageable and always frizzy.


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We gave Noemi a haircut that is layered from the nape upward, to create lift in her crown. I used a razor for this haircut which is actually a tool that a lot of clients with curly hair are afraid of because of their experience with razor cuts has made their hair frizzy. Make sure your stylist doesn’t use a guard on their razor. The guard forces them to push harder while cutting, pulling keratin out of the hair which is what causes the frizz. There are many misconceptions about this marvelous tool. The razor I used had a straight blade. When sharp, the straight blade can cut an incredibly clean line, eliminate bulk and individualize curls giving them shape and form.

We then applied a demi-permanent color using a level 4 Color Touch by WELLA. Using this hair color smoothed the cuticle of Noemi’s hair, helping to reduce the amount of frizz even more.

The last step in this makeover was styling the hair. One of my favorite products to use in styling curly hair is Oleo Curl by Kerastase. Working with a small amount of product at a time, I twisted multiple half dollar sized sections of the hair with my fingers, twisting in the direction of her natural curl. I then allowed her hair to naturally dry with these twists in place. Once the hair was dry I lightly loosened the curls by shaking the hair from the roots.

Before her makeover, Noemi had always attempted to straighten her hair, never got the exact look she wanted, and was only content with the blowouts she received at salons. With her new haircut, color and the easy techniques we taught her, Noemi felt differently about her curly hair. She’s now happy to embrace the beautiful curls she was born with!

4 tips to creating the perfect curl…

1. You need a haircut that supports the shape of your curls.

2. Color that will smooth the hair cuticle.

3. A product that will add definition to your curls.

4. Use styling techniques that don’t conflict with the curl’s natural shape.