24 February

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Round Brushes

If you want professional results, you need to use professional implements such as high-quality brushes, combs and hot tools. Even well-made bobby pins make a big difference when putting your hair up. The investment in superior equipment and products gives the return of better-looking hair, as well as saved time and frustration. You are probably […]

20 February

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Preparing The Skin For Makeup

When a woman tells me, “My makeup doesn’t last, it totally absorbs into my skin,” I know that she is not using enough moisturizer. Her cream or liquid makeup is indeed absorbing into her dry skin, essentially acting as a moisturizer. This results in foundation that fades away quickly or looks blotchy. Right before I […]

3 February

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Getting Lift In Your Hair

Women are in a never-ending quest to get more lift in their hair. Especially this time of year when wearing hats in the cold weather. Trying to avoid “hat hair” becomes a constant struggle. Knowing how to blow dry your hair for lift, or to¬†properly refresh a professional blowout can make all the difference! For […]

28 January

Eva’s Beauty Tip: Dealing With Dry Skin

My clients often tell me that they struggle with skin redness this time of year. Whether it’s from windburn, Rosacea, or just plain sensitivity to the cold, dehydration is something that affects everyone, regardless of your skin type. The skin is your first line of defense against the elements and can take a real beating […]

24 February