7 December

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Holiday Beauty

With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to share some tips on how you can easily refresh your makeup with just a few essentials stashed in your desk drawer or cosmetics bag. Keep a small container of spray-on toner that you can mist over your face. While the skin is damp, use your fingertips […]

2 December

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Exfoliating Your Lips

Most people use lip balm, but few actually exfoliate their lips. I recommend doing this nightly to keep them soft and smooth, especially during the winter months. Buy a separate, soft toothbrush to use as a lip scrubber. Put a drop of lip balm or natural oil (such as jojoba, avocado, or vitamin E) onto […]

1 December

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Get More Volume In Your Hair

Many women are in a never-ending quest to get more volume in their hair, especially this time of year when wearing hats in the cold weather. Trying to avoid “hat hair” becomes a constant struggle. Knowing how to blow dry your hair for lift, or to properly refresh a professional blowout, can make all the […]

18 November

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Bronzer

When away on a beach vacation (or during summer¬†months), I like to lightly dust bronzer all over as the final step in my makeup application. Even more often, I use it to create a contour effect under the cheekbones. This is the most amazing way to accentuate your cheekbones, or even to discover them for […]

27 October

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Lighting

For applying makeup, many talk about natural light as being ideal, but it is actually more important to have an equal balance of light – and it does not necessarily have to be sunlight. In fact, if you do your makeup near a window during the day, one side of your face could be more […]

20 October

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Bangs

Bangs are big for this fall. They are a versatile, simple, and transformative way to customize most cuts. There is a world of different bangs out there. There are blunt, straight-across bangs; textured, softer bangs; as well as side-swept and grown out “rocker” bangs – what the British refer to as a “fringe.” Not only […]

12 October

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Fall Trends

Photo Above: Makeover by Eva Scrivo. With the change of season we¬†see fall fashion all around us. It always makes me re-evaluate my own look and gives me ideas of what to share with clients. One trend I’m inspired by this fall is a fuller, messier side-swept bang. A bit longer, it ends just below […]

8 September

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Freshen Your Bangs

With side-swept bangs being a popular trend this fall, here’s a tip on how to keep them looking great – even beyond the day of the blowout! If your bangs seem to get oily or feel dirtier than the rest of your hair, you can wash them separately (this method is particularly helpful for those […]

10 August

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Applying Self-Tanner

A good self-tanner not only gives the skin a golden, healthy glow, but produces subtle shading that camouflages imperfections like spider veins and cellulite (it can even make you look a little slimmer!). There are five basic steps to applying self-tanner at home: 1. Exfoliate 2. Moisturize 3. Apply Sunblock 4. Apply Self-tanner 5. Add […]