26 July

Eva’s Beauty Tip – The Weight of Your Hair

When hairdressers talk about “weight” and “bulk” we are (thankfully) referring to your hair texture and density – two elements that have an enormous effect on the shape and movement of the hair. Weight, or density within the hair, feels like heaviness and is not the same thing as length. It can be concentrated in […]

21 July

Meri Kate O’Connor featured on Women’s Health – The Beauty Treatment Fit Girls Love

Enjoy frizz-free workouts for the rest of the summer! Meri Kate talks with Women’s Health about a great new keratin treatment that features NO downtime, perfect for any fittness junkie. For the full story, click here: The Beauty Treatment Fit Girls Are Dropping Mad Money On Photo Above: Color and Kerasilk Keratin Treatment by Meri […]

20 July

Eva Scrivo Salons featured on Refinery29 – The Expert’s Guide To The Best NYC Hair Salons

We’re thrilled to be featured on Refinery29 as one of the BEST hair salons NYC has to offer! For the full story, click here: The Expert’s Guide To The Best New York City Hair Salons

18 July

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Sun Protection

Many have trouble finding sun protection products that are effective and don’t clog their pores and make them break out. But properly removing these products is just as important as finding the right formulation. So it’s a good idea to amp up your cleansing regimen this time of year. My personal recipe is to combine a […]

11 July

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Waxing

Though waxing is a seemingly straightforward task, finding the right professional can make all the difference in the quality of the service, as well as the result. In addition, knowing how to properly prep the skin before your appointment can help reduce irritation, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle). Start by exfoliating […]

9 July

Meri Kate O’Connor featured on ESSENCE – What Black Women Should Know About Keratin Treatments

Eva Scrivo colorist, Meri Kate, sat down with ESSENCE to talk all things keratin! For the full article, click here: What Black Women Should Know About Keratin Treatments. Photo Above: Makeup by Amanda Gabbard for Eva Scrivo Salons.

29 June

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Summer Body Skin Care

Summer fashion means more skin exposure. Keep your body clean and smooth, so you don’t feel self-conscious when wearing that backless dress. The skin on your face is not the only part that needs an occasional facial. Especially this time of year (and if you’re prone to acne), your back may have a tendency to break out. To remove […]

24 June

Stephen Thevenot featured on BUSTLE – 13 Nutrients That Boost Hair Health

Eva Scrivo stylist, Stephen Thevenot shares some insight with BUSTLE about how to take care of your hair from the inside – out! For the full article, click here: 13 Nutrients That Boost Hair Health & Where To Find Them According To The Experts

20 June

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Flat-Ironing The Hair

Many clients ask me how to keep their blowouts smooth during the summer’s humid months. Aside from the more permanent treatments like Keratin, that will last for up to four months, the most effective solution is to learn how to correctly use a flat iron. When used properly, a flat-iron helps to “seal” the hair cuticle after a blow-dry to extend its […]