30 August

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Blow drying

Many women are in a never ending quest for smooth, sleek hair, which can be especially challenging this time of year. The secret to effective styling is that there is no secret! You just have to learn the proper techniques, practice, and take your time. This is a skill-set that everyone can hone. There is […]

17 August

Donna Tripodi featured on Good Housekeeping – 6 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Pixie Cut

Eva Scrivo stylist, Donna Tripodi shares some helpful tips with Good Housekeeping on what to ask before getting a short crop! For the full story, click here: 6 Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Pixie Cut.

11 August

Eva Scrivo featured on Modern Salon – Young Grey Makeover

Eva Scrivo shares this great makeover and how-to with Modern Salon! For the full story and the step-by-step, click here: Young Grey Makeover. Sign up for one of our balayage workshops! For more information about our upcoming classes and to register, click here: Eva Scrivo Academy.

8 August

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Hair Loss

As a culture, we’re surrounded by images of beauty associated with gorgeous, healthy hair, which can play an enormous role in how we feel about ourselves, and can feel devastating if our hair has thinned. Hair loss is a very emotional issue, as our sense of femininity and beauty is so connected to it. It’s […]

28 July

Eva Scrivo featured on Fashionista.com – How Much Should A Haircut Really Cost?

How much is too much? Eva sits down with Fashionista.com to talk about the difference between a $50 haircut and a $500 haircut. The answer may surprise you! For the full story, click here: Back to Basics – How Much Should A Haircut Really Cost?

26 July

Eva’s Beauty Tip – The Weight of Your Hair

When hairdressers talk about “weight” and “bulk” we are (thankfully) referring to your hair texture and density – two elements that have an enormous effect on the shape and movement of the hair. Weight, or density within the hair, feels like heaviness and is not the same thing as length. It can be concentrated in […]

21 July

Meri Kate O’Connor featured on Women’s Health – The Beauty Treatment Fit Girls Love

Enjoy frizz-free workouts for the rest of the summer! Meri Kate talks with Women’s Health about a great new keratin treatment that features NO downtime, perfect for any fittness junkie. For the full story, click here: The Beauty Treatment Fit Girls Are Dropping Mad Money On Photo Above: Color and Kerasilk Keratin Treatment by Meri […]

20 July

Eva Scrivo Salons featured on Refinery29 – The Expert’s Guide To The Best NYC Hair Salons

We’re thrilled to be featured on Refinery29 as one of the BEST hair salons NYC has to offer! For the full story, click here: The Expert’s Guide To The Best New York City Hair Salons

18 July

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Sun Protection

Many have trouble finding sun protection products that are effective and don’t clog their pores and make them break out. But properly removing these products is just as important as finding the right formulation. So it’s a good idea to amp up your cleansing regimen this time of year. My personal recipe is to combine a […]