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The order in which skin care products are applied matters more than you might think. Similar to a baking recipe, you cannot just pile a bunch of ingredients in a bowl at the same time and expect good results. Each product does something different and should not be diluted with another. For instance, because a serum contains more concentrated active ingredients, it is most effective when absorbed through clean skin, rather than applied on top of an emollient moisturizer. This layering technique is similar to how I apply hair products and makeup: using a small amount of each product, one step at a time.

Here’s the morning skincare routine from my book. In next week’s tip I will share the evening routine.

*You can click on the link for each step for the respective product recommendation. We will include free product samples with any purchase from these selections. And anyone who purchases one product from each of the five categories will receive a complimentary travel size of each!

1. Rinse with tepid to cool water with Yon-Ka Lait Nottoyant if you have normal to dry skin or Gel Nettoyant for normal to oily.
2. Tone.
3. Nourish (Yon-Ka Optimizer Serum is the perfect primer for makeup).
4. Moisturize.
5. Then protect with sunblock.