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Many clients ask me how to keep their blowouts smooth during the summer’s humid months. Aside from the more permanent treatments like Keratin, that will last for up to four months, the most effective solution is to learn how to correctly use a flat iron. When used properly, a flat-iron helps to “seal” the hair cuticle after a blow-dry to extend its longevity. Often, it’s the only way to make a blowout last in the summer.
Like all hot tools, flat irons can damage hair not so much because of the tool itself, but from how it is used. Most women rush through the process without first sectioning the hair. They randomly grab and iron large sections, inevitably going over the same hair numerous times. Instead, clip the top sections of your hair out of the way and start with the bottom layer. Iron one-inch sections, making sure not to go over each more than once. When you are done with the lower half of the hair, work your way through the top layers – again, one section at a time. If it feels like you have to re-iron your sections to make them straight, they are probably too thick or you are going over them too quickly the first time around.



Bio Ionic T3 1″ Flat Iron is our professional choice at the salons. It’s easy to use and glides through the hair.