28 September

Meri Kate O’Connor featured on Good Housekeeping – Best Shampoos for Color Treated Hair

Eva Scrivo colorist, Meri Kate O’Connor treats us with some shampoo recommendations¬†that cleanse, but don’t strip your color for Good Housekeeping! Check out the full story here: 8 Best Shampoos For Colored Hair.

27 September

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Hair Brushing

The scalp is an extension of our skin, with oil glands, sweat glands, pores and hair follicles. Dead skin cells need to be sloughed off so they do not clog those pores (which can contribute to hair loss). Additionally, brushing actually cleanses the hair in much the same way as brushing suede lifts dirt particles […]

19 September

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Evening Skin Care Routine

In last week’s tip I talked about layering skin care for a morning skincare routine. This week I will go over my recommended evening routine, which is also covered in my book. *You can click on the link for each step for the respective product recommendation. We will include free product samples with any purchase […]

12 September

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Layering Skin Care

The order in which skin care products are applied matters more than you might think. Similar to¬†a baking recipe, you cannot just pile a bunch of ingredients in a bowl at the same time and expect good results. Each product does something different and should not be diluted with another. For instance, because a serum […]