24 May

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Protecting Your Hair

Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of summer and with that comes warmer weather along with new beauty woes. Protecting one’s hair is essential during the summer months and can have lasting effects on its health and integrity. While salt water tends to lighten and dehydrate the hair, chlorine can actually affect its color. For […]

20 May

Meri Kate O’Connor featured on Good Housekeeping – 41 Hair Terms You Need To Know

Hair terminology can be tricky to decipher at times – Eva Scrivo colorist Meri Kate shares some insider vocabulary with Good Housekeeping! Click here for the full story: 41 Hair Terms You’re Hearing Everywhere, Decoded

19 May

Eva Scrivo featured in The New York Times – Your Summer Beauty Reboot

Get ready for some gorgeous summer hair with these great tips from Eva featured in the “Thursday Styles” section of The New York Times! For the full story, click here: Your Summer Beauty Reboot – 13 Ways to Upgrade Your Routine

17 May

Eva’s Beauty Tip – BB Cream

There has been a lot of buzz lately around BB creams. The “BB” stands for “beauty balm” and was actually first developed in the 1960s by a German dermatologist for post-procedure use. She combined a mixture of 5 products into one so that her patients could easily apply it in one step. It wasn’t until […]

12 May

Eva Scrivo Collaborates with Rodale & Prevention – New Book: Younger In 8 Weeks

Eva Scrivo collaborates with Rodale & Prevention on a new book entitled, “Younger In 8 Weeks – The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide”. As the leading beauty and style expert, Eva shares her knowledge on all things beautiful and gives 5 women complete makeovers! For more information and to pre-order a copy of the book, click here: Younger In […]

10 May

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Skin Serums

When it comes to skin care, I believe that every woman over 30 should use a serum. Serums contain a much higher percentage of active ingredients than typical moisturizers and frequently contain either botanical extracts or plant-derived essential oils. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but there are distinctions between such plant-based ingredients. Essential oil […]

10 May

Donna Tripodi featured on Well + Good – 3 Easy Workout Hairstyles

Eva Scrivo master stylist, Donna Tripodi shares some tips with Well + Good on how to create 3 simple, sweat-free hairstyles you can rock at the gym! For the full story and the how-to’s, click here: 3 Sweat-Friendly Workout Hairstyles You Haven’t Tried Yet

6 May

Eva Scrivo featured on Today.com – Mother’s Day Beauty Tips

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with beauty tips passed down from mothers and grandmothers of modern beauty experts! Eva Scrivo shares her mother’s secret styling tip to disguise oily roots, grown out color, and even cover those pesky greys! For the full story, click here: Mom Knows Best! 32 Old-School Beauty Tricks You Haven’t Tried Yet Photo […]

3 May

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Lipstick

As seasons change, not only does our color palette, but also the texture of the makeup we use. Spring is the time of year when I start recommending lighter color saturation in lipsticks for my clients. There are many lip products to choose from: gloss, tinted balms, satin lipsticks, stains, matte formulas. As always, the choice is a […]