26 January

Eva Scrivo featured on Refinery29 – The Scary Way Blow Dry Bars Are Effing Up Your Hair

A fast and cheap blowout can be very tempting for any woman on the go. However, getting these types of blowouts too frequently could be detrimental to your hair. Check out these tips from Eva Scrivo on what to look out for while you’re in the chair. For the full article, click here: The Scary […]

19 January

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Properly Removing Makeup

Knowing how to properly remove your makeup is just as important as how to apply it. Since oil breaks down oil, most cleansers only remove dirt, not cosmetics. The result is clogged pores. Proper removal of cosmetics helps you maintain clean and beautiful skin. Even the soil in a garden has to be prepped for proper […]

13 January

Arik Efros featured on Salon Today – 5 Lessons For Building A New Salon

Building a modern, beautiful and functional salon environment takes time, effort and A LOT of precise planning. Eva Scrivo co-owner and CEO, Arik Efros talks with Salon Today about the most important things to keep in mind when you’re looking to build up a new salon! For the full article, click here: 5 Lessons For Building […]

12 January

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Hair Color & Skin Tone

One of the most frequently asked questions from women who color their hair is not just what is the right color, but what is the right tone? When choosing your hair color, consider your skin tone and not just your hair color of preference. For example, skin with a pinkish tone looks great with cool highlights (beige, neutral, […]

9 January

Stephen Thevenot featured on PopSugar – Hottest Haircuts of 2016

Eva Scrivo Stylist, Stephen Thevenot shares his prediction for the hottest haircuts we’ll be seeing in 2016! For the full story, click here: We’re Calling It Now: These Will Be The 10 Hottest Haircuts of 2016

9 January

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Darker Hair Color

This time of year, some women consider going darker with their hair color, and there’s a simple way to tell if this change will suit you. Hair becomes two to three shades darker when wet. Wet your hair, put on your daytime makeup and comb the hair next to your face. You will instantly know […]