25 August

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Benefits of Lemon Water

One of the best remedies that I have found for puffy eyes (also great for the complexion in general) is to slowly sip warm lemon water every morning on an empty stomach (approximately 1/8-1/4 of lemon juice, squeezed into a cup of hot or room temperature water). This is an Asian beauty secret for flushing […]

18 August

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Summer Makeup

While the weather is still hot and humid, try going without foundation and using more concealer around the eyes and corners of the nose instead. Finish with a light dusting of powder. By eliminating the makeup base you’ll feel cooler and your makeup will stay fresher throughout the day. If you feel that you need […]

10 August

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Applying Self-Tanner

A good self-tanner not only gives the skin a golden, healthy glow, but produces subtle shading that camouflages imperfections like spider veins and cellulite (it can even make you look a little slimmer!). There are five basic steps to applying self-tanner at home: 1. Exfoliate 2. Moisturize 3. Apply Sunblock 4. Apply Self-tanner 5. Add […]

5 August

Eva’s Beauty Tip – Protecting Hair Color From Sun Exposure

Protecting your hair color from sun exposure, chlorine and salt water can be challenging this time of year, especially with many of our clients spending more time outside by the pool or at the beach. Sun protection products have come a long way and many are formulated to help create a protective barrier against harmful […]