30 January

Beauty From The Inside – Out: Eva’s Autumn Salad Recipe

Here is one of Eva’s personal beauty recipes to help heal your body, strengthen your immune system, and promote glowing skin and hair, all of which are by-products of proper nutrition. Along with beauty, Eva has a passion for food and cooking. Enjoy this delicious, low-fat, and high-energy salad, that’s easy to make and will […]

30 January

Eva Scrivo featured on DailyMakeover.com

“Brushing [your hair] is not just an old wive’s tale or some archaic grooming ritual – I consider it a lost art and a holistic beauty secret.” -Eva Scrivo on Beauty Check out some of Eva’s favorite tips on how to properly brush your hair – A simple approach that has BIG benefits! Click here […]

30 January

How-To: Beat Winter Blues – Covering Dark Circles

Dark under-eyes are one of the most persistent beauty woes a woman faces (unless you’re one of the handful of lucky ladies who have yet to see a dark circle pop up). But hey, if you can’t beat them, conceal them! First, prep the under-eye area with a soothing eye cream for 5-10 minutes, like […]

28 January

Midnight Sombré – Makeover

Colorist, Meri Kate O’Connor, serves up another beautiful transformation! “I wanted to cut out as much of the orange as possible to create a deep midnight blue, making sure to eliminate the green undertones,” says O’Connor. Below is the How-To for her “Midnight Sombré.” Step 1: “I used a clarifying shampoo, followed by a bleach […]

28 January

Eva’s Beauty Tip: Dealing With Dry Skin

My clients often tell me that they struggle with skin redness this time of year. Whether it’s from windburn, Rosacea, or just plain sensitivity to the cold, dehydration is something that affects everyone, regardless of your skin type. The skin is your first line of defense against the elements and can take a real beating […]

22 January

The Art of Balayage – Arctic Blond Workshop

Our Arctic Blondes class this past Monday was a great success! The focus of this class was to create one of the most frequently requested blond tones – the platinum blond – without gold/brassy undertones. The day began with a delicious breakfast, a presentation on how to achieve the perfect arctic blond, followed by a demonstration of the […]

21 January

A Look At The Balayage Technique

People often ask the difference between traditional foiling and the artistry of hair painting or Balayage. Choosing one versus the other depends on the client’s preference for the type of look she would like to have, and of course, on the expertise of the colorist. Generally, foiling creates an overall lightness, while balayage results in a more […]

21 January

Embracing Your Natural Hair Texture

I believe that with the right haircut, color and combination of hair products everyone can embrace their natural hair texture. The photograph below features a makeover we did in my salon which was featured in Weight Watcher’s Magazine. Noemi was struggling with her curly hair, felt that it was unmanageable and always frizzy.     We […]

21 January

Health & Beauty: How Natural Foods Affect Your Skin

Eating natural, whole foods have a positive affect on ones skin and hair. Foods high in antioxidants make your skin glow, your hair shine and your fingernails stronger. Good skin is a reflection of a good diet, so it’s important to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids […]